Radius Aerospace brings more than a half century of experience in aviation and aerospace forming and fabricating. Our core services include formed, welded, bonded, machined, and processed fabrications and assemblies.

In addition to these traditional aerospace manufacturing services, across our six manufacturing facilities we provide enhanced capabilities including Specialty Alloy Welding, Titanium Hot Forming & Super Plastic Forming, Bulge Forming, Stretch Forming, Complex Assembly, Chemical Milling, Titanium Sol-Gel, Metal to Metal and Composite Bonding, Complex Machining, Hydroforming, and Electroforming. Augmenting these core competencies are additional process capabilities including high-speed laser, clean lines, autoclaves and ovens, HVOF and plasma spray, anodizing and paint, Viper grinding, and die-sink EDM.

Radius services the commercial aviation, business jet, military and industrial gas turbine markets, producing myriad applications on multiple platforms for a wide variety of global customers. Our work, produced at four facilities in the United States and two in the United Kingdom, includes structural components and assemblies on aircraft, rotorcraft, hypersonic systems, industrial gas turbines and adjacent platforms. Click here to see the Radius Aerospace Product Portfolio.  Radius employs more than 1000 dedicated team members across nearly 1 million square feet of manufacturing space.

In addition to our dedicated workforce and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, our top management officers bring more than 100 combined years of experience in A&D manufacturing. Click here to learn more about the Radius Aerospace management team. We currently have fully operational facilities in Hot Springs, Arkansas; Phoenix, Arizona; Shelbyville, Indiana; Fort Worth, Texas; Shrewsbury, UK; and Sheffield, UK. Click here to learn more about the capabilities of each location.

The name Radius Aerospace might be relatively new to you, but our reputation and vast experience in aerospace manufacturing is impeccable.

Radius Aerospace is the name to remember.

The Radius Aerospace Difference

Radius Aerospace is more than just another aerospace fabricator. We're a team of highly motivated, highly experienced, and highly driven A&D manufacturing professionals. Our specialty manufacturing capabilities are focused with the goal of supplying our customers with quality assurance that exceeds expectations. Our unique team approach to manufacturing offers customers an unparalleled experience, the result of which is high value, high quality, and timely delivery of every part and assembly we make. And we won’t rest upon our past successes—Radius Aerospace is continually assessing and addressing the needs of our clients by constantly updating our organization and operating structure to anticipate changing needs.

Working hard. Pride in craftsmanship. Esprit de corps.

That's the Radius Aerospace Difference.

F-15 Eagle breaking the sound barrier