Radius Aerospace

Radius Aerospace brings a half century of aviation and aerospace manufacturing and fabricating experience. Our six core areas of contract fabrication include welding, bonding, forming, machining, processing and assembly.  Our experience spans across the commercial aviation, military aviation, business jet, space and industrial gas turbine markets, producing for a wide variety of platforms and customers.

Fabrications Solutions

With facilities in five different states and two in the UK, our manufacturing footprint totals just under 1 million square feet, and more than 1000 employees. Radius Aerospace is positioned to provide a wide array of fabrication solutions and support for our customers. Radius Aerospace focuses its efforts in five main areas of contract fabrication. These include:

Welding    •    Bonding    •    Forming    •      Machining    •   Processing    •   Assembly


Product Portfolio Span

Radius Aerospace offers a portfolio of unique fabrication services to various product categories. We work primarily in the areas of:

Commercial Aviation      •      Military      •      Business Jet      •     Industrial Gas Turbine

Key Capabilities and Solutions

Radius Aerospace is experienced in a number of key fabrications technologies and capabilities. This allows us to provide a broad set of capabilities while still satisfying the needs of a diverse customer base. Among these key capabilities are:

Specialty Allow Welding    •     Titanium Hot Forming & SPF    •      Bulge Forming    •      Complex Assembly      •      Chemical Milling
Titanitum Sol-Gel      •     
Metal to Metal and Composite Bonding     •      Complex Machining     •      Hydroforming    •     Stretch Forming
HVOF and Plasma Spray      •      Electro-Forming     •      Roll and Brake Forming     •      Phosphoric Acid Anodize    •     Viper Grinding Die-Sink EDM

For more information on the product and platforms we focus on, visit our Product Portfolio.

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The Radius Management Team

The management team at Radius Aerospace has not only worked together as a team for countless years, but collectively has over 100 years of aviation and aerospace manufacturing experience. They are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers, employees, and shareholders alike. The Radius Aerospace management team is focused on maintaining the highest in quality, value, service, and experience.