Radius Aerospace works with a wide variety of aerospace and aviation companies, providing a vast array of structures, components, subassemblies, and systems. We have manufacturing facilities in Hot Springs, Arkansas; Phoenix, Arizona; Shelbyville, Indiana; Fort Worth, Texas; Shrewsbury, UK; and Sheffield, UK. Click here to learn more about the capabilities of each location.

Here is just a sampling of the many different components, subassemblies, and structures that Radius Aerospace produces at its seven different manufacturing facilities for its list of global clients:


Exhaust Systems
Rate production and MRO support of primary exhaust systems on single-aisle, twin-aisle, business-jet and military platforms

Engine Structures
Ducts, Nozzles, Cones, Rings, Blades and Nozzle Guide Vanes

Wing Structures
Titanium Erosion Protection, Polished Leading Edges, Bonded Leading Edges, Deicing Boots, Flaps, Ailerons, Speed Brakes, Control Surfaces, Bonded Shroud Panels, Bonded Closeouts, Access Panels.

Nose Structures
Nose Gear Doors, Access Panels, Exterious Assemblies

Tail Structures
Torque Box Skins, Aft Transition Skins, Vertical Edges, Control Surfaces, Ribs, Frames

Fuselage Structures
Skins/Panels, Shelves, Door Skins, Seat Tracks, Floor Panels, Floor Beams, Bulkheads, Stringers, Frames

Rocket Nozzles, Pressure Vessel Components

Industrial Gas Turbine Structures
Fabricated Cases, Combustors, Recuperators, Exhaust Liners, Discharge Nozzles, Rings, Seals

Rotorcraft Structures
Bonded Panel Structures, Exhaust Duct / Assembly, Structural Components, Nozzles and Tanks, Landing Gear


Commercial Aircraft
B767, A350, B767, B737

Engines (Commercial)
GE Leap, Rolls Royce

Military Aircraft
C130, E2 / E3, F-35, F-16, F-17, F-18

Military Rotorcraft
AH-1, UH-60, V22

Business Jet Aircraft
G650, Global 7000, Cessna Latitude, Longitude, Sovereign

Engines (Business Jet)
Honda Passport, HondaJet HF120